At Freedom Automotive in Jamestown, we are your best choice for service and replacement for your car’s tires. Our expert Automotive Technicians have extensive experience and training, so you know you're getting the most reliable auto repair. On top of that, our service advisors will let you know what the cost will run you upfront, and will give you options that suit your vehicle and situation. We are happy to provide tires and other auto repair services to all of our surrounding communities, including not only Jamestown locals but drivers from Bowersville, Cedarville, Jeffersonville, Port Williams, Xenia, Wilmington, South Charleston, and Sabina.

Whether you’re looking to get fitted for winter tires to avoid the hassle of putting on chains or looking for some all-season tires, Freedom Automotive is the place to go. We will let you know all of your options and will help you decide on the best tires considering your driving style, weather requirements, budget, and timeline. For our certified Automotive Technicians, it’s an easy job to rotate, replace, or pump up tires to make sure the tire pressure is at the most efficient level. Freedom Automotive will give you freedom from your car worries!

By all means, don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at our review page or even Google reviews to see how much relief our customers get from having Freedom Automotive as their go-to auto repair shop in Jamestown. For example, check out this recent 5-star review from Cathy D.:  

“I've used Freedom Automotive for the last five years for routine work: oil changes, tire rotation, and a disc player issue. They've been wonderful working with me for appointments due to my day-to-day responsibilities. However, last week, I experience a major technical issue. The engine wouldn't idle! The car was delivered to them, and by mid-day, I had a diagnosis and was told about the part that was needed and cost. The part had to be ordered but would be there the next morning. Not only was the part there the next morning, but they were able to make the repair quickly without disruption to my appointed daily duties! Great job, Freedom Automotive and Fred and Steve!!”

The difference is clear. When you go to a dealership, it’s business, but when you come to Freedom Automotive, you’re coming to the family. Whether you talk to Fred, Norma, Emily, or any of the other staff, you know that we’re looking out for you and your car. So whether you need your tires replaced, rotated, or simply need someone to pump up the tire pressure, Freedom Automotive is the place to go for your vehicle repair and maintenance. To schedule an appointment, give us a call

Phone: (937) 675-6700

. We are located at 4810 Cottonville Rd, Jamestown, OH  45335.  Our working hours are:

 Mon.-Fri. 8:00AM-5:00PM.