Who we are

Family Run Business Since 2007


After working for GM for many years, factory closures leading up to the great economic meltdown of 2006 put Fred Freeman, owner of Freedom Automotive, out of work. However, when you have a family to take care of, you find a way to work through adversity. Together with his wife, Fred and Norma Freeman put together a great team of Automotive Technicians and opened Freedom Automotive in Jamestown, Ohio. They haven’t looked back since. 

There were already plenty of auto repair shops in the Jamestown area when Freedom Automotive was born, so Fred and Norma knew they needed to differentiate themselves. By opening the shop with state-of-the-art equipment and rigorously trained Automotive Technicians from a variety of backgrounds, they set their sights on becoming the finest auto repair shop in the region. From our laser-guided wheel alignment rack to our advanced computer diagnostic equipment, you won’t find independent auto mechanics that are capable of providing auto repair as sophisticated or as comprehensive anywhere else around Jamestown. 

Our unrivaled training and equipment among independent auto repair shops make Freedom Automotive a natural choice for anyone in need of an auto mechanic, but it’s not just about our advanced capabilities. Beyond everything else, the most important thing we do, or that anyone in any business should do, treats the customer right. If your clients can’t trust you, it won’t matter what equipment and training you have. With that philosophy in mind, it’s no wonder that as the years have gone by, Freedom Automotive is now the one auto repair shop that’s at the top of people’s lists in and around Jamestown.

Our Automotive Technicians are ready to address your auto repair questions, just call Freedom Automotive at (937) 675-6700. Our shop’s address is 4810 Cottonville Rd, Jamestown, OH 45335. Whether you’re from right here in Jamestown, or from one of the other cities within our region, it won’t take long for you to see how we earned the trust of so many car owners in the community. Freedom Automotive: We give you freedom from your car worries.